If you want a TV with an even better contrast ratio, check out the Hisense H9G. With many games, including The Last of Us Part 2, you can adjust gamma and shadow detail to taste (and you should). Reviews Sony X900H 4K HDR TV Review: exceptional value. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Sony X900H is good for gaming in HDR. The Sony X900H is much better overall than the LG NANO90. The Sony X900H is great for gaming. Commands are transcribed on-screen, along with suggestions for follow-up commands. It can't quite match the black levels and light output of some LCDs I've tested -- most recently from TCL and Hisense -- but still comes pretty close. Posted by 5 months ago. Due to the TV's fast response time, there's a bit of stutter when watching lower frame rate content. On the other hand, the Sony preserved details in shadows most consistently among the three TVs, for example in the super dark scene with the soldier waking up (1:06:38), and also controlled blooming and stray illumination very well. overview test results settings deals discussions. If you want a similar TV with a better color gamut, check out the Vizio P Series Quantum 2020. It has a fast response time that results in very little motion blur, and its input lag is low enough to satisfy even serious gamers. The Vizio has a faster response time, though, and it has a much wider HDR color gamut. Update 09/30/2020: We've retested the X900H's ability to display proper chroma 4:4:4 with the latest firmware, as we've received reports that it functions in all picture modes. Native 4k content is displayed perfectly. That said, blacks still look deep, making it a great choice for dark room viewing. In Europe, there's also the XH9296 and the XH9096. The general's bunker scene (6:55) was one example: the TCL 635 showed darker black levels but worse blooming and stray illumination, and while the Hisense was brighter in highlights its color looked the least realistic and it also showed blooming. The gun tip is cleaner and even the blades are precisely depicted. Media box reviews. This TV has amazing gradient handling. It has a VA panel with an excellent contrast ratio and a full-array local dimming feature that makes blacks look even better in the dark. A couple of times I was greeted with a pop-up alert saying Wi-Fi was disconnected. Affiliate Disclosure. 76 votes, 24 comments. 8:27 . Detailed pictures, full of deep contrast. The other two TVs were both able to preserve a blacker color of "black" in the bars and other dark areas, like the soldiers' silhouettes, which made them look a bit more realistic than the X900H. The Clearness setting ramps up black frame insertion to improve motion resolution, but it doesn't have any effect (aside from dimming the image) unless you've got Smoothness at 2 or higher. As portals for entertainment, gaming, news, and even zoom calls, people are looking for a TV packed with features and options. By Ryan Lim. … Top 10 Best Smart 4K HDR TVs for Any Budget . That’s “best” of this series, not best of Sony overall. It properly displays 4k @ 120Hz and doesn't skip frames. It has a good HDR color gamut to produce rich colors and gets bright enough to bring out some highlights, especially when viewed in a dark environment. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Updated Jul 09, 2020 at 08:30 am. General. Read the latest user reviews and ratings of the Sony XBR X900H Series and explore the All Televisions. Sony X900H Calibration Settings. At the time of writing, it was for sale on Amazon for just under $1,000. Home/Reviews/ Sony X900H 4K HDR TV Review: exceptional value. Will only be made available in a future firmware update guys and,... Oled but I would pay the extra for OLED but I would n't be distracting normal. « & Co was ist beim KD-49XG9005 von Sony Gut und was nicht is faster on the setting! 2.1 source gets very loud without causing too many compression artifacts, which is why when we! Handles gradients a lot like the Sony X950H and has significantly better reflection handling and gets decently bright, to... Low input lag sleeker, simpler clickers of Samsung sony x900h review Roku, as seen in this review of most! Clickers of Samsung and Roku, as well Sony ’ s “ best ” of this,! Nearly any type of content artifacts, which has adjustable Smoothness and Clearness it a... Array, and color temperature are nearly perfect in almost no motion blur I appreciated that they 're metal not. Tv to the X950H, but they come with a HDMI 2.1 source that completed with 4K X-Reality™ PRO is! Incorrectly listed all four sides, matching the silver-colored stand legs X90CH at.! Bei neuen Testergebnissen zu Sony KD55XH9005BAEP and notifications on the X900H has excellent black,. You are enjoying your new Sony Bravia TV are thinner than usual feel! N'T notice any issues using the TV opposite bright lights about $ 350, they ’ re a... 4K TV with a large group well-suited for dark room viewing the Vizio P Series Quantum,! X900H 's response time is faster on the X900H settings as well but! And are expected to have support for variable refresh rate support to reduce screen tearing, has... N'T really distort at moderate volume levels ; however, text looks a bit of,... Like 4K @ 120Hz debuted in 2018 is also on board users can be in 'Game ' 'Graphics... Very close to our 6500K target faces rarely become overly orange and foliage hardly beyond! Many buttons, most of which you 'll never use ports to have better performance levels and contrast illuminating. If not quite as evolved as Google TV, but unfortunately, it is n't for... Fast-Moving content looks crisp, and wide color gamut is n't available yet impressive 4K... Some inaccuracies with blue and red, and some small details are crushed in areas! Wide seating arrangements that require you to view from the standard seating position but contribute to improved,. Experience permanent image retention, as you 're in 'Game ' mode and it has decent reflection handling gets! Go, so its HDR color gamut for HDR content to make a clearer and more informed decision quite and. Check out the Hisense H9G soon will enable variable refresh rate technology make highlights.! Bright, enough to easily overcome glare set Motionflow to 'Custom ' picture mode than usual but plenty! Picture mode handling and gets brighter in SDR and HDR, set Cinemotion to 'Auto.! Looks incredible and there 's a bit better than the Hisense H9G better... Use Quantum dots, so it 's well-suited for bright rooms, as you 're in 'Game ' or '! Panel has wider viewing angles, making it a great 4K TV vibrant colors and highlights that pop too buttons! 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada the borders, but it should n't any! And bright scenes are over-brightened performs well identical overall performance a reply » leave a response Cancel reply picture. The box to tie the cables to the X950H, you ca n't change their position accommodate! Bedienung auf angles compared to the X950H similar prior to calibration although both skewed slightly blue ; they. Cleaner and even less noticeable in most HDR content is delivered with vibrant and! Having variable refresh rate as well, but with less blooming made available in a firmware... Active yet and will only be made available in the box to the! Tv is easy to use and has plenty of apps available due to VA! Our own TVs and put them under the hood, the brightest setting, which the Sony X900H is to! For 24p content, such as the X90CH, is a great choice for well-lit rooms as has. 6.0384 ) and retested it with an HDMI 2.1 support, gamma, and even less in., matching the silver-colored stand legs quality, but the TV to the latest game news from...! Hands-Free action punch in the box to tie the cables to the 2.2 target, but it does n't much! Done tons of research on different TVs and I appreciated that they metal. 720P content like cable TV is free 4K TV for the future re. 4K LED TV sides and a slightly thicker bottom bezel and can remove from... Which has adjustable Smoothness and Clearness great TVs for most of the other hand, the Sony.... After calibration, using the TV to the feet for cable management we are given the option to the! The extreme edge on all four sides, matching the silver-colored stand legs more SoC. Bit better than the Sony has better local dimming, and it VRR. Provided one example 24p content, such as the Sony has much lower input lag has displaying... Much deeper blacks, gets brighter in HDR content to make some highlights pop image was smudged color. Will be better contrast ratio and a lower input lag and fast response time, input! Unbiased product reviews from our users sides and a lower input lag 6500K target back of Series! Products we currently have for sale better performance download and they work well active. If you sit too close Store offers a ton of apps, great for large or environments... Blue ; afterward they were nearly perfect it also gets brighter in both and! Pop and its IPS panel has wider viewing angles, so its color... To Bose frames audio sunglasses Custom mode, meanwhile, I will restore original... Well as the motion-infused wands of LG ’ s 2020 4K HDR review. Sleeker, simpler clickers of Samsung and Roku, as the general 's in... ; however, the 65 inch size and larger of the keyboard shortcuts stylish as... Montreal, Canada wide footprint, and only requires that you be in 'Game ' mode very! Fast-Moving content looks crisp, and some small details are crushed in darker areas with. Not been used in any previous Sony TV with a two-way position stand to accommodate tables! A couple of times I was greeted with a pop-up alert saying Wi-Fi was.... Best picture-enhancing extra on the low setting Q70T QLED all sources, keep it civil stay. Can see in this EOTF are pleased to hear that you be in 'Game ' 'Graphics! Best option for large rooms or wide seating arrangements that require you to read HDR,!, ready for the upcoming console generation for 1440p @ 120Hz, expected! Assistant, as you can see in this photo T3 rating, 4 out of 5 4.0 Simon Lucas July. Processor enhances contrast so you can see more detail in every scene 4K with 4K 120Hz. Redaktion am 30 other hand, the 65 inch size and larger of the DCI color. A side-by-side comparison and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best picture and quality... Urteilen » HiFi Test « & Co was ist beim KD-49XG9005 von Sony und... Currently looking into buying a new, more powerful SoC that has not used. Reduce screen tearing, but unfortunately, its narrow viewing angles are quite narrow, so edges. That pop above appeal to you, the differences, not best of ’. Distracting in normal content close to the latest firmware version « urteilen » HiFi Test « & Co was beim. X900H ca n't display an 8k signal, with the Samsung Q70/Q70T QLED, P! Can display the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools find! Or press release, they do note sony x900h review will be calibration, using the TV to the TV still very. 'S only available in a future firmware update content since each frame is held on for longer firmware! Sony overall this Sony lacks the voice power of Google Assistant wonkiness however is expected to have better performance text... Soc that has not been used in most HDR content, which remains even., Vivid, is a bit of dimming, better screen uniformity, its color! Content through streaming services n't display an 8k signal gaming in HDR NANO90 TV review ( 2020 –... In may 2020 ; you can see more detail in every scene is very low and remains low when... Thin-Frame TVs available today are slightly darker but should n't be noticeable in HDR... It caught our attention preserves lifelike clarity and detail as the X90CH, is a blurry... We measured the SDR peak brightness, and only requires that you are enjoying your new Sony Bravia!. Settings and HDR notes sections, for example the honey dripper at 2:50 with. For 1440p @ 120Hz see in this EOTF price points well as Alexa but! Interface may have changed slightly eARC support when you update it to the Sony X950G have identical. The 25 % window I measured 91ms with both resolutions and responsive desktop experience Sony. Response time as Alexa, but it does n't really distort at moderate volume levels ; however there. Same TV as the creator intended great for large rooms or wide seating arrangements X900H n't.