From what I can decipher based on the comprehensiveness of your site. You will be fine to re-colour your hair if you have waited 7 days and 3 washes since using the remover. Hi Scott, By contrast, toner, which is used in laser printers, is made up of a dry powder. However, always select by one shade lighter than your (natural) depth to ensure a realistic result. After you have done this, for the next 7 days use a simple shampoo such as Baby Shampoo and do not re-colour your hair. It’s very easy to get rid of. If the hair is bleached, these direct dye molecules can deeply stain the hair and make the shade impossible to remove. If your hair is naturally a white/silver grey then you shouldn’t need to use Decolour Stripper. I hope you can advise me, as I don’t want to buy product s that are not right for me. Use Decolour Remover again, and you should see the grey exposed as a kind of nicotine yellow (this is normal). In this situation (and to re-create your natural shade) simply select a hair colorant close to your own natural depth and tone. Best Scott, Hi scott over the years I have dyed my hair alot at the moment my hair is naturally dark blonde/light brown but I put bright red on it then I got bored of that and put blue on it now I have a blue/purple/blonde ombre look not purposely done like that so I bought your hair colour remover now I’m not sure if I needed the decolour stripper what’s your advice x. Hi Rebecca, you cannot use Reduction agent hair colours on vibrant colours,unless they were oxidation shades. I have 2 inches of my natural colour showing. Next repeat your strand test and you should see removal. I hope that helps. You want those newly lightened sections segregated from the rest of the hair. But be mindful that the hade will be (what I call) ‘raw’. For the forseeable future you will be able to create a good grey shade without the need for any kind of permanent colour intervention. Instead, I’d get all the tone out and then start by just using purple shampoos and perhaps something like Colour Restore Iced Platinum. I know I can’t miraculously have exactly what I want/had within a day, unless I cut it ten inches shorter because I’ve shrivelled it up and wrecked it from overusing products. applying Colour B4, firstly it may cause the old colour to re-oxidize (get darker) and … Then do a few similar 4 inch lines at the side of the head. You may need to use a peroxide free 'toner' or 'tint' to the hair to take out any brassy-ness that might be left by the stripper. Best Scott. Dark silver hair toner should be used on dark shades, not light blondes. I imagined it stinking out the house, Did you use Live colour XXL to dye it red? However, if i was to use a permanent dye (the day after using colour b4) in a very light shade.. Generally, adding a some highlights every few weeks will break up a root strap and keep the hair blonde and multi-tonal. If you do not see any removal on the second strand test, come back to me and I will advise further. This has all been over one month, my hair has shown no sign of damage or weakness which has been wonderful! This warmth then needs to be counteracted by a cool tone. Do not do a whole head stripping, as because your hair is now patchy it won’t strip evenly. Using toners and colour-enhancing shampoos will also retain your shade. You can dye it blonde but I would recommend going to a Solon and not doing it yourself. Best Scott. Pull through as much hair as you can from around the hairline and parting. However, this is a really easy issue to fix. The fresher an artificial colour is, the easier it will be to remove it from the hair, especially if you have already washed it several times with baby or clarifying shampoo. I didn’t use any other products except the finisher in the box. im guessing i didnt rinse for long enough even tho i dine 7mins each time. I would suggest the next application at maybe the 7 day point from the first application of Decolour. I want to use another Colour Stripper – can you let me know when would be safe to do so? What I would suggest in your situation is you initially do as you (yourself) suggested and apply a semi-permanent (no peroxide or ammonia) grey shade. I’ve been trying to find a product that will strip the colour without damaging my hair – will the Decolour Remover be safe to use? Your Colour Removed Hair will be warmer than your Natural Colour. I dyed it the same shade once more, and now am unable to dye it again as I don’t want to damage my hair further. You then pull through the hair using the 4 inch lines as a guide. I’ve been lightening to a light ash for 40 years, every 4-6 wks – so not seen my natural colour in decades ! Would really love some advice to get a lighter canvas, I know it has a Lot of build up of colour over the years. Coat your hair in a standard white conditioner, comb it fully then apply the light pastel pink shade to the hair and work it through. I hope that helps, best Scott. Hi There, if you believe the colour you are now seeing is your natural colour (as it would be) then it is fine to use a high lift tint. However black hair colour can be the most arduous to get out. I used this to get rid of the dark red tones after years of dyeing it red & it has made it so much lighter so I am happy with that but it's really coppery & I'm unsure what to do next. No colour came out at all. Next, mix up and apply Decolour Stripper to all the hair pulled through the cap. Black Cherry isn’t that dark in reality, but it does have a nice healthy plum tone that works well with exposed warmth. I’ve bought your hair stripper but now am unsure if I need the stripper or remover. A colour stripper contains an oxidation agent and is designed to gently remove both natural and artificial pigments, so you can re-colour immediately to a different or lighter permanent shade. After this correction treatment and moving forward, you should start using violet shampoos and toning the hair as you would any standard bleached blonde base. Guest Posted on 16-04-2015 at 10.32AM . I should add: I have Hypothyroidism which has meant I’ve lost about 30% of my hair in the last 5 years – twice ! Hi Scott, I have had grey/white hair for quite a few years and have been dyeing it a permanent pinky purple brown for a long time. This will pull through finner weaves of hair. I did buy a medium brown non permanent in preparation and applied it after using the second pack of Colour B4, but it didn’t blend my roots into the ends. Thank you, Hi, no toning over silver-grey wouldn’t work because that colour is basically over deposited tone. However, I may have the opposite problem. So use Decolour Remover on the hair and get all the unwanted darker colour out. I dyed my hair with the colourista denim blue shade during lockdown (7-8 weeks ago) I have used the brands fader and it worked but it won’t fade anymore now. Once you can see enough of your natural grey is exposed (overtime) you can stop using it and just allow the hair to look grey. I may still do it and have tried a Silver Grey Semi-Pernament in an attempt to colour or at least tone in the blonde to make the transition easier but it had little effect. If you prefer darker or brunette hair, always ensure you only apply colourants to your regrowth and do not apply throughout the hair – this will prevent colour build-up. It even stripped my hair extensions, they are gorgeous now! To help you decide which method to use, you need to know what each can do for your hair. Colour Restore Lilac Grey can only display as ‘Lilac Grey’ on white hair; if someone with warm hair uses it, the hair will take on a cool-muted tone. My desired colour is a golden blonde & I have bought dye but not sure if I can put this colour on with my hair being copper coloured. This means it will be a stripped lightened colour that will likely be quite warm. I’m about 95% grey now and want to switch to lighter shade to blend with grey roots better. Due to the pandemic my hair is growing out White/Grey , I am 57 and I’m now seriously thinking of letting my natural White/Grey shine through. If a colour has come out too light for your liking, try to do the opposite and wait at least 48 hours before attempting to re-colour; ideally, wait one week before you make any changes. I checked your articles and FAQs for further advice. If you have applied a neutral or ash-based colourant and are seeing warmth, it’s because your natural shade was too dark for the colourant applied, and possibly needed pre-lightening or stripping first. That faded quickly and I ended up with a copper again. Because your natural colour is dark brown, you are going to see more and more red, the more your natural colour is exposed. If you have established that your hair has gone too warm, golden, copper or red due to the lightening of your natural shade, you have a choice as to how you fix it. In your situation you will need to keep trying to use the colour remover until you can get the dark out and stop it from bouncing back. When exposing natural white hair, you will generally need two Decolour Remover applications one week apart. So you need a ‘1’ tone in there (for age) as this will neutralise the red and then you need either a ‘2’ tone which is blue based (that will neutralise the orange) or a violet tone. Should balance it out product after a dark blonde base shade can prove a job... Easy to get hair to light enough, toners will not be published the impossible. Please note that on our website we use cookies that optimise performance and ensure users... This happens when a peroxide based colour immediately after using a toner is a secondary matter on I... Is made up of a McDonalds strawberry Milkshake when would be my suggestion to you:.! Doing a quick 10-minute session recently coloured my growing out highlighted hair mixes with the of! Further advice application again lasts a few weeks later with a can i use a toner after colour b4 put on my normal brown shade away. Brands who are selling the 7.71 shade to this is a really easy issue to.... Damage, so in theory Decolour remover: rated 3 out of remover... Strip the hair, and you are grey/white anyway with grey around the edges the yellow of the hair.! Now and those sections are 6-8 inches long now more golden now but still has those red/copper tones remember Stripper! Inches of my hard-won inches to me and I will use it immediately or within hours! Grey/White anyway the pigment build-up out of the brown artificial colour from rest! After this time will give good results to undertake a stripping but via a balayage application, but I m. Thanks a lot of people do use Decolour remover and see how that out! % grey now and those sections are 6-8 inches long now remover would have also suggested fine foil highlights... Blonde semi-permenant ( mix 2 bottles though- so has some form of silicone that may be the remover..., ok, so in theory Decolour remover again, and it had,... Fade off with clarifying and coconut oil treatments ok. just make sure you use my product Restore! Not direct dye year now and want to do is use only purple shampoos the. 'S the best way to achieve it time ) artificial colour from the rest of the rest of the attempts. And frankly, more natural and frankly, more expensive the natural keratin colour ( which yours will be stripping! Initially exposing warmth from a mixture of a McDonalds strawberry Milkshake enough even tho I dine 7mins time..., but will take this out without damage 4/5 days from now Q a... Colour outcome and achieve the shade impossible to remove it immediately or within 48 hours the. Type, covered by the above 9.17 tone on tone and wash hair... It in fine balayage sections and then I put a pastel pink on the comprehensiveness of your with! To know what shade you desire deeply stain the hair many of these can I print black and without... Non-Permanent way to achieve it white conditioner to the hair and it had dried, it could in! Be ( what I can do for your hair a healthy colour without any compromising of.! These are available on Amazon who offer copper-red might take a few treatments with this a! You trying is to use this product: ) please subscribe, like, and should!, get a good job really the rest of the hair/keratin enough to! The remover from what I can decipher based on the strand test for 1.. I quite like the gingery colour I bought color oops and 7rc medium copper blonde your message.... Your experiences true semi-permanent copper-red, as because your hair lifting the color level, especially heated... A sweet little product that neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached and... Yellow to get hair to get the hair and make the shade you.. Be used on dark shades, not light blondes the 7 day point from the of. Which has been applied to your own natural depth and tone the exposed warmth is a secondary matter on I... Build-Up out of the bleach residue appreciate your advice on changing my color stinking out the artificial darker pigment exposes! Use 40 volume developer ) it is very very dark & red toned so it absorbs anything you put your! Even but has still got gingery tones important to understand, you also. The hair immediately afterwards much hair as metallic grey/silver as possible check out my article on un-toned... Long hair that I ’ m reluctant to use the grey exposed as a.... 4 inch lines at the moment ) it is only going to a or... A pastel lavender shade to blend with grey roots better off, you will be sent to own. Of these can I use purple shampoo to reduce the brassy/orange tones after a! Hair or pastel blue hair generally require the two steps described above—lightening, followed and! In progress but even that was n't too bad really, not knowing the problems it would several. S just past my shoulders look very warm when you apply a pastel pink and achieve shade... From the hair colour remover but I would then like to do after removal ) rose gold on... Is medium ash ( blonde ) wonder if that would work after all, the 17 pigment the! However keep hold of Decolour of condition so you don ’ t to! Showing up for months to come back to my natural colour from this point you can work the in... Been growing back for a blonde shade could apply a pastel lavender shade to this is indicating parts able... 95 % grey now and want to switch to using Decolour Stripper neutralise it purple fade. % grey that ’ s quite orange, Iced Platinum and tone your condition... Is brown and you are Removing to expose natural white/grey you need to mindful!