The hoof needs to be clean and dry as possible as does the shoe for the glue to bond well.”  After cleaning and trimming the hoof, some farriers will place the horse’s foot in a fabric booty while preparing the shoe, so that the foot stays dry and clean. Manufactures and sells rubber horseshoes for horses on paved and other hard surfaces, typically used by police and carriage horses. Applied using indirect glue. When you pull it off, it can pull off new hoof growth.”  That is why it is extremely important that you choose a farrier that knows how to use glue correctly so as to not damage the hoofs when removing shoes. “This is why the horses cooperation is so important!”  He added that regardless of shoe type, the application is key. Nailing metal shoes on is barbaric and cruel. With Hanton Horseshoes, we hope to make glue-on shoes mainstream. View Shoe Collection. Nailing metal shoes on is barbaric and cruel. 7. IN SEVEN SIZES: 4 THRU 10 More info. This is the best method to overcome your horse’s sensitivity to nails. This is why the horse's cooperation is key. Nailing metal shoes on is barbaric and cruel. Australia Rubber horseshoes, while they allow for natural expansion and contraction of the hoof wall with the normal natural movements of the horse, wear very quickly due to the very soft nature of rubber. By continuing you are confirming you are a Registered Farrier. Finally, the glue can sometimes limit the hoof capsule’s ability to expand. Glue-on Horseshoes and Accessories Hoofstar™ Glue-on Horseshoe Hoof Boot Kit Sale! We want to change that. Due to the Farriers (Registration) Act 1975 only registered farriers can purchase certain items such as Horseshoes and nails. The glue is applied to the heel area. If properly applied, your horse shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to glue-on horseshoes. He explained, “Glue-on shoes are a great aid when I encounter horses with damaged or weak hooves. An equestrian designer came up with the 'GluShu', which uses a traditional metal horseshoe that is coated in a durable thick plastic covering and glued to the animal's foot rather than nailed. Produced and manufactured by a family business in Italy they are becoming farriers' shoe of choice when dealing with damaged equine feet . Dolomite, AL 35061 Russell Colvin AZ One Stop Farrier Shop 1603 S Eastside Loop Ste 205 … *Front can be cut away to allow breakover. Cyanoacrylate, also called “crazy glue” or “super glue,” is a good place to start when adhering rubber because it’s a great catchall for many substrates. Thu 9AM - 6PM. Denmark Other times, a horse suffering from laminitis may be a good candidate. Horse Shox® Rubber Jacketed Horseshoe were developed to provide a better confort and safety for your animal. Suitable for most disciplines including trail riding, dressage, jumping, driving and also as a … Price: $12.00. Kerckhaert Super Sound Plates $13.75. We want this to be the new 'normal' way to shoe horses." 561-707-2220. Sized mini to draft. Sun Closed. An equestrian designer came up … Glue-on shoes can be useful for those with low heels and poor quality walls that could not hold a conventional shoe. “When glue-ons … "Glue-on shoes are often thought of as only being used for horses with 'bad feet.' Mon 9AM - 6PM. If there are chunks missing out of the hoof or heel, this method allows the farrier to fill in these voids. Great Glushu work from expert farrier Tony who used Glushu glue on horse shoes to help a horse with chronic laminitis. He also mentioned horses suffering from laminitis. Twin-Pack Instructions 1. $12.95/pack of 5 pairs . Easy to fit and can be glued-on by anyone that is willing to give them a try. Vettec has been manufacturing and distributing the highest level of horse hoof care products worldwide for over 15 years. We at are taking full precautions to protect us from the COVID-19 Virus, while remaining fully operational. SoundHorse Technologies MasterCard. EQUACRYLIC™ ADHESIVE Packaged in poly-mix packs and sealed in foil for long shelf life. A fast, reliable, proven way to shoe sore-footed horses or those with compromised hooves. Eggink said, “Steel shoes will rust and break the bond of glue and shoe.”  He continued, “Glue on shoes regardless of cuff style or direct bond are much more expensive than nail on shoes. Thank you for your continued support. While this style of shoe hasn’t become popular in the US, several farriers we spoke with do agree that glue-on shoes can be a valuable tool to help deal with horses who have thin or damaged hoof walls where nails simply cannot be used. from $10.00. Sized mini to … *Bottom can be ground to give breakover at the front of all the way around. Contact Us, Find SoundHorse Glue-on Horseshoes Near You: Try Mustad Glue On Shoes Or The Thorobred Sticky Shoe. Farrier designed, university patented, clinically tested and competitively proven. Eggink explained, “Glue-on shoes also can "raise " a hoof further from ground or allow you to build up heels on a horse with low or compromised heels.” The main disadvantage is cost. Cuff style tends to be slightly more of a cost than the direct glues. Plastic Horseshoes Size US 6/7 - EU 180 HOOF-it Natural Flex Horseshoes from $38.00 Plastic Horseshoes Size US 8-12 - EU 200-225 HOOF-it Natural Flex Horseshoes Click here to view more Nail versus Glue-On pictures. Get to know us! Add to Wishlist. Glue-on horseshoe - The future of shoeing is glue-on horseshoes. France The patented cuff attachment system uses acrylic adhesives to bond to the entire hoof wall safely generating twice the holding strength of nails. Click here to view more Nail versus Glue-On pictures, It is fitted to the horse’s hoof just like a conventional horseshoe, Are unaffected by wet, dry, hot or cold environments, fast & easy the fabrication, application and removal, Sore-footed horses immediately start to move better, Twice as thick as a typical competitive pad, Unaffected by wet, dry, hot or cold environments, Maintains superior properties throughout the entire shoeing interval. With their elegant and innovative design, patented blister system, and remarkable ease of use, Hanton Glue-On Horseshoes represent the next generation in hoof protection for horses of all breeds and disciplines from the racetrack to the show ring, as well as for therapeutic use. $18.99 $ 18. Netherlands 6. ), There are several styles of glue-on shoes, but the two most common are the “cuff and tab” style or the direct bond glue-on. “Due to the inflammation, sometimes laminitic horses will be in too much pain to nail shoes on. Easy’s Slipper is a therapeutic glue-on horseshoe that protects and grows healthier hooves for happier horses. This shoe has a […] Kerckhaert Legend Rim European Horseshoes $11.50. MICRO TORCH Mini precision torch ideal for drying the foot & hoof wall separations prior to glue on application. Rubber Horseshoes - The only thing wrong with rubber horseshoes is they won't wear as good as metal shoes. FLEXX® 40% lighter than forged aluminum shoes with better wear and concussion reduction. Start the EquAcrylic™ adhesive mixing by dragging […] These shoes incorporate a 1/4-inch thick, concaved rim pad to reduce concussive shock effects on the hoof and lower leg. Hoofstar™ The Easiest “Glue-On Horseshoe / Hoof Boot” On The Market To Date!Key Advantages: A true Glue On Composite Horseshoe / Hoof Boot. If your horse is having trouble with nailed on shoes, you might consider glue on shoes as an alternative. These innovative, totally flexible, rubber-soled hoof boots offer a fantastic alternative to metal horse shoes and are designed to allow the hoof to function as nature intended. Application of Easy Shoe glue on horse shoes, using Vettec Adhere glue He explained that there are many types of situations where you might consider glue on shoes for a horse. Belgium – Holland Norway IN SEVEN SIZES: 4 THRU 10 More info. Sweden Step 2 "With Hanton Horseshoes, we hope to help make glue-on shoes mainstream. NOW AVAILABLE FROM SOUND HORSE! Glue-on horseshoes will not weaken the hoof wall, unlike nailing pieces of steel through it. 24. NO special tools or training required. Tue 9AM - 6PM. ROLLER MOTION Series I "glue-on" configuration only Performance Blue and Therapeutic Black. Other than conventional farrier tools, no special equipment is required. Owner, Julie L. Lucas and East Coast Horseshoes, have been serving the horseshoeing industry as a supplier since 1999 and we continue to … Lightweight, wide web, forged aluminum. Glued horseshoes should be reset every four to six weeks. Get the best plastic horseshoes from HOOF-it® hoof care and farrier supply! Are Glushu reusable? His predecessor at the University of Pennsylvania, farrier Rob Sigafoos, did pioneering work on glue-ons in the 1980s, adapting adhesives used in airplane manufacturing. Josh Eggink is a farrier out of Frederick, MD who has been working with glue on shoes for the past ten years. The NanoFlex shoe that is made with polyurethane wears as good as aluminum shoes. Kerckhaert Safety Trackx shoes $16.00. I have heard several farriers say that they don’t like the effect glue on the hoof wall has long term. View fullsize . PA HQ Location Sound Horse Technologies PO Box 689 (mail) 12 Lanefield Road, Rte 82 North Unionville, PA 19375 Phone: 800-801-2654; 610-347-0453 Fax: 610-347-1822 Bill Kirkpatrick Deana Marston AL Blackwater Forge, Inc. 1735 Pleasant Grove Rd. Malta It can be rasped for customization. Horses can be kept in full work while they grow healthy hooves with the use of Sound Horse’s Sigafoos Series™ glue-on horseshoes. The adhesive bonded, fabric cuff system has over 14 years of proven success in getting sore-footed horses back to work fast. These shoes incorporate a 1/4-inch … from $85.00. The EponaShoe is Practical, Effective, and is the Best Shoe for the Health of Your Horse. Picking the Best Glue for Your Rubber for Adhesion Cyanoacrylate Adhesive. The only horseshoe to combine a forged aluminum shoe with a urethane shock-absorbing rim pad and the strongest, safest attachment system. Imprint® is the patented equine foot care system for treating a wide range of painful and debilitating hoof conditions including laminitis and limb deformities in foals.Developed over 20 years by farriers working in association with veterinary surgeons, Imprint is a well proven nail-free solution. The same shoe can be glued on again, or they can be replaced with regular nailed-on horseshoes. Glu-On Horseshoes Categories . Hoofstar™ Hoof Glue 50ml Hoof Repair . "Glue-on shoes are often thought of as only being used for horses with 'bad feet.' Provides firm heel support in corrective shoeing for all running and performance horses. Coming to the USA this July! Designer John Wright explained, “'It's a brilliant alternative for horses in the UK, and we have spoken to lots of vets who agree its a marked improvement for horse’s feet.”  The designers boast of the quick application time and better design than the American method of gluing on shoes. More Details. 22. The Glushu has a forged aluminium horseshoe inside with a hardened steel bar at the break over. The shoe needs to be properly fitted to a well-trimmed and flat foot. The shoe needs to be properly fitted to a well-trimmed and flat foot. Sport | Race/Training | Therapy | Roller Motion. SoundHorse (Sigafoos) Series 1 Elite Sport Glue-on Shoes Flat Fronts Blue From £76.50 Excl. We offer Nanric, Ibex, and Sporthorse brands. *Quick, clean and very simple to apply. As expected, there are some advantages and some disadvantages to using glue-on shoes. How Long Will the Sound Horse Shoes Stay On? The new Roller Motion Shoe is field proven and in daily use. Choose Options. 11420 Fortune Circle, Wellington, FL, 33414. marketing1. More Details. 806-322-3680 local. Still, it is obvious that the U.S. farriers we spoke with aren’t fully convinced. A revolutionary slip-on plastic coated hoof that doubles as an equine fashion accessory could spell the end for nailing on horseshoes. The outer foil-pack contains 2 inner twin-packs that are poly-film bags. Some Horses Are Just Sensitive To The Pressure Of Nails And Can Benefit From Glued On Shoes That Do Not Create The Same Pressures On Thin Walled Hooves. If you keep you eye on the news you may have seen an article out of the UK advertising “Crocs for horses!”  These glue-on shoes feature a plastic coated shoe that wraps around the hoof wall. After the glue has been applied it will need a few minutes to cure or set. Now some of that could have been the horse in question (rescue with horrible feet and the glue ons were an attempt to help protect the walls, which chipped and cracked if you so much as looked at them), but those shoes were always coming off. He is a Certified Journeyman Farrier with the American Farrier’s Association and even competes in their national horseshoeing competition and the World Champion Blacksmiths event. If properly applied, your horse shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to glue-on horseshoes. All Rights Reserved. The strongest attachment possible – particularly with cracked, thin, broken, brittle and shelly feet – is achieved with no glue on the bottom of the hoof and no risk to hoof integrity. Spain Hoofstar™ Glue-on Horseshoes (1 pair of horseshoes with glue) Sale! Many owners use the Series I™ Shoe prophylactically to avoid problems caused by nails. View Shoe Collection. What are your thoughts and opinions on the effectiveness of glue on horse shoes? More Details. This gives the horse a light, hoof supporting, cushioned shoe which eliminates any stress or damage to the horse's hoof and is easy to apply. 25. Polyflex Horseshoes/NoAnvil LLC. Using Renegade ® strap on boots for training and the Pro-Comp Glue-Ons for competition, they have an excellent year resulting in 20 top tens, 13 wins (two at 100 mile distance) and 8 Best Condition awards for a total of 1,900 competition miles. New videos are now available showing the fast & easy the fabrication, application and removal of Series I™ and Series III™ horseshoes. Add to Compare. Quick, clean and very simple to apply. Welcome to middle-Georgia's farrier supply source, East Coast Horseshoe Supply Co. has moved the store to Hawkinsville, Georgia. These glue-on horseshoes can be used on horses with thin, cracked, broken, brittle or shelly hooves and those exhibiting a sensitivity to nails. Switzerland Hours. We are happy to answer any question you may have regarding our range. We are excited to announce the launch of Hoof Star Glue-on Horseshoes. 4.3 out of 5 stars 495. Amex. I got the impression that long term glue use can significantly weaken the hoof wall and lead to other problems. We ship GLUSHU glue on horse shoes worldwide. Outdoor Backyard Horse Shoes Games Set for Kids and Adult Indoor Family Lawn Yard Outside Game Includes 6 Horseshoes - 2 Pegs - 2 Rubber Mats - 2 Red Plastic dowels 4.2 out of 5 stars 154 $16.99 “The cuff style can be a quick or easier way attaching to the outside of the hoof wall,” Eggink explained. STIR STICKS Approx. New Zealand SoundHorse (Sigafoos) Series 3 Glue-on Shoes Fronts From £68.50 Excl. Eggink explained that the two most important variables are the environment and the horse’s cooperation. By continuing you are confirming you are a Registered Farrier. Add to Compare. After the glue has been applied, it will take several minutes for the glue to set. - MINI CORRECTION SHOES - Mini Correction Shoes are offered to assist in the rehabilitation of miniature horses & dwarves suffering from limb deformities. To produce easy to fit, nail glue or tape, affordable, lightweight and shock absorbing plastic horseshoes for performance and remedial uses. The Glushu fast fix system has been developed to make gluing horse shoes quicker easier and hands free in just 4 easy steps. Simple and easy applicaiton. The innovative slipper is made from a flexible, durable urethane rubber with a built-in rocker and adjustable breakover. Glue-on horseshoes will not weaken the hoof wall, unlike nailing pieces of steel through it. We have found that, once our customers have used Equi-Eaze horseshoes, they never go back to using steel horseshoes. We want this to be the new 'normal' way to shoe horses." The shoe is applied to the hoof. Eggink has worked a great deal with glue-on shoe application. Italy Germany Mon 9AM - 6PM. P: 877-872-2846 E: SoundHorse glue-on horseshoes are farrier designed, university patented, clinically tested, and competitively proven. PA HQ Location Sound Horse Technologies PO Box 689 (mail) 12 Lanefield Road, Rte 82 North Unionville, PA 19375 Phone: 800-801-2654; 610-347-0453 Fax: 610-347-1822 Bill Kirkpatrick Deana Marston AL Blackwater Forge, Inc. 1735 Pleasant Grove Rd. We spoke with two East Coast farriers to get their thoughts on glue on shoes. Using the stretch wrap system, the horse is fully weight bearing immediately after the shoe is applied and full work can resume shortly after the horse is shod. Hours. The nails can make them more sore. Glue-on shoes are a good way to get around that.”, These images show two of Eggink’s shoeing jobs using glue (left) and traditional nails (right. Wed 9AM - 6PM. Applied using indirect glue. GLUSHU FRONT GLUSHU is an advanced aluminum shoe, over molded with a flexible cuff. Tevis Cup Winners (three times) Jeremy and Heather Reynolds pull shoes and go barefoot for the 2008 ride season. Contact Us. 305 N Arthur St. Amarillo, TX 79107. The adhesive material is then applied to the bottom of the foot. Includes contact information, product information, and price list. The shoe is then stretch wrapped to the hoof for 8-10 minutes while the adhesive sets – there is no need to hold the hoof off the floor. Calculate your price, Equine Therapy or Therapeutic Riding Centers Near You. There are a few different types of glue-ons that may be considered. Eggink explained, “Glue-on shoes also can "raise " a hoof further from ground or allow you to build up heels on a horse with low or compromised heels.”. The main advantage is that they can be great for horses who do not have a strong healthy hoof wall to nail into. World best equine glue-on horseshoe! Add to Wishlist. FREE US Shipping * 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Morrison ground surface design with the progressive roll at the toe.