You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. After the previous major release, 2.01, we went away and got to work on just about everything. It's a completely different engine, comparisons to EB1 are meaningless. Hello everyone! Does it require me to move my M2TW game into some place else. This means they have access to almost all units. Europa Barbarorum Gameplay Guides *SPOILERS INSIDE* All links go to the Org forums, though many of these guides may exist here at the TWC... v0.7x Gameplay Guides "EB vs RTW: What is different? Official site of Europa Barbarorum, mod for Rome:Total War Today you are a satrap, but tomorrow a king. After his death, Seleukos, another Makedonian, fought to regain Babylon for himself, and in 312 the city welcomed him with open arms and great joy. With sincere apology for several broken trait mechanics I am presenting a quick hotfix that should hopefully resolve several of the most annoying ones... hotfix - for broken trait mechanics(old release) patch. A: Europa Barbarorum was started to more accurately represent the barbarian factions in Rome - Total War as more than unwashed hordes but quickly expanded into accurate representations of all of the factions. EB2: The Uiroi Nantuon are heavy spearmen. No more double-indemnity if you agree to pay after missing a tribute.- Small correction to Sauromatae protection of Olbia script- Correction to Royal Skythian City-damaging script- Fixed typos/grammar for Pontic Govs and Hellenic biographies- Corrections to ship recruitment (removing overlaps)- Fixed incorrect building ID for boii farms_three- Fixed a large number of problems involving temples: typos, grammar, missing short descriptions, missing or incorrect descriptions, & level issues- Fixed a few event message grammar issues- Fixed several Trait/Ancillary errors identified by the validator tool, added new mutual exclusion ancillary conditions and simplified others- Various typo fixes as reported at TWC- Adds missing AncillariesAvailable trait to Ulanae of the Saka- Levelled the ground around Prophthasia (removes huge cliff that appeared on the battlemap)- Restores missing portion of Media province description- Corrected errors in haycaucas in Egrisi- Removed erroneous reference to Carthage re-hiring pikemen- Redundant ros_temp building removed- Redundant armour upgrades removed- Syntax fix for ship spawns- Fixed typo on YIH 206- Eliminated duplicate appearance of the YIH Intro message- Corrected error in war-triggers between KH and Makedonia- Fixed problem with Celtiberian Rider sprite- Corrects native names for two ancillaries (Public Horse and Priest of Agdistis)- Grammar fix and new short descriptions for all Nabatean govs- Gave Eremos a permanent order bonus when Rebel-held to prevent it becoming a re-emerge target- Corrected some copy+paste errors in Media pools- Fixed some erroneous event_counter names- Fixes copy-paste error with GaderFish and GaderFarm triggers- Fixes erroneous event_counter for "Scutarii Era" unit recruitment- Capability fixes for several re-emergence targets- Fixed a large number of script errors affecting Mauryan Invasion, Barcids, Unit counters, Pan-hellenic games- Deleted two redundant references in campaign_script- Fixes duplicate name issue (shared by Getai FM and Rebel General)- Corrected Alauna rover's strat map model- Changed end_year changed to start_year in descr_mercenaries- In EDCT, all leading tabs removed and replaced with spaces and in-line tabs also replaced with spaces- Syntax error fix in AsTheChildGrows trigger- Fixes incorrect "IsRegionOneOf" for the Veteran_Mercenary_Spartiate and the TraderToIndia- Fixes bug where the son of Regulus was getting the father's biography instead of his own- Removes 3 sections of unused Sanskrit diplomat voice code- Fixes scripted "double-spawn" of Allied Gov buildings in Sparte- Removed redundant "Reforms Advisor" script section- Redundant upgrade path removed from helcol_one- Fixes omission that prevented use of indian_navy_shadow.cas file- Added a "Romans are still alive" qualifier to the fallback for the Marian reforms- Fixes AUC dates in YIH for years 211+- Moved all underage bios from Script file to Trait file, fixed a number of incorrect triggers, added bio-appropriate traits, & fixed some bio grammar- Fixes the vanilla "ally and enemy banners" bug (these would display as Medieval in historical battles)- Corrects the peasants_general info pic name- Makes changes to Father/Firstborn traits in the starting setup (Firstborn trait is still not working properly, so the trigger is temporarily deactivated)- Updated "IsAI" monitor with a termination that won't end after the first faction is checked- Tweaks to many Greek traits and ancillaries to reduce frequency or limit access- Removes damage from many uniques when AI-owned (they just fix them immediately) but adds it back if the faction is human-owned or the unique is captured by the player- Double-appearance of Celtic Clients fixed- Fixes mistake in Roman recruitment- Alters poorly tiered agent training triggers & reduces success chances- Fixes Roman temple in Iltirta bug- Removed Shardin and Korsim from Troublesome Regions script (Rebel armies pile up in single-province islands, and the AI can't handle it)- Adds ClientRuler bored reduction trigger- Fixes grammar & typos in various KH and Keltic ancillary & event texts- Corrected the order of the loops in the Major/Minor City unrest scripts, The link is in the description: This means they have access to almost all units. Europa Barbarorum (EB) If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. EB1 had hugely overpowered horse archers, that is no longer the case in EBII. EB is a total conversion for Medieval Total War 2. europa barbarorum 2.1b hotfix (old release) patch. Europa Barbarorum II is a total conversion modification (mod). 1 Introduction 2 History 3 Units 3.1 Camillan 3.2 Polybian 3.3 Marian 3.4 Imperial 4 Gameplay 4.1 Campaign 4.2 Battle 4.2.1 Field 4.2.2 Siege 5 Notes We have never yet feared anything in the realm of men. For a campaign following the schedule of Roman conquests and wars that ended with the delivery of properties to the winner, this mini mod is highly recommended. The aim is to give the player an even better gaming experience compared to EB1 on the RTW engine and a deeper comprehension of the ancient world and its correlations. Europa Barbarorum II is a total conversion modification (mod). Toned done graphics - battles load, start then crash in the middle. Dec 21 2015 News 10 comments The day has come. Hotfix release patch for Europa Barbarorum v2.1. Europa Barbarorum II includes new government, unit recruitment and trait systems, and new playable factions such as the kingdom of Gandhara, which has its own Sanskrit voicemod. and its sequel Europa Barbarorum II for Medieval 2: Total War if you wish to become an editor/contributor please follow the EB Wiki Workflow and the guidelines and File Naming Conventions. Europa Barbarorum II (or EB 2) (Latin: Europe of the Barbarians) is a modification of the PC game Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms (M2TW:K).It was developed to provide players a more historically accurate gameplay experience. Full release info here:, v2.35 Change Log (through 11/30/2018)Section I - Faction Specific:Iberians (Arevaci-Leusitane):- Adds text for the Celtiberian Reform- Adds CeltiberianDuel trait system & gives Iberians access to Bardos trait- Added failsafe for Iberian Panoply reform- Tweaks CeltiberianDisgrace trait effects and excludes IberianHand from Client Rulers- Arevaci merc script extended to include Mastia, Gader and Arse- Switched Celtiberian bodyguard unit to use the Elites- Adds SettledHappily and SettledBetrayer traits to Celtiberians for their exploits in Sicily and Sardinia- Adds new CeltiberianMerc triggers associated with AMoR colony- Adds 2 new "random" triggers for CeltiberianDuel trait- Increased revolt chances for some Iberian provinces- Adds a new "Cantabrian Resistance" script to resist the Roman/Carthaginian/Numidian player in Cantabria- Adds historical order penalties to higher tiers of farms in Lusitania/CeltiberiaGetai:- Adds 13 new Getai Ancillaries- Changes GetaiWarrior trait descriptions to include game mechanics info regarding success/failure- Major overhaul of Dacian pools- Adds new Getai Gov building description- New AI-only opening move to assist in faction expansionKelts (Aedui, Arverni, Pritanoi, Boii):- New Gallic Voice Mod (400+ commands for Battle & Campaign map) - complete replacement of the old EB1 Gallic VM- Reduced starting Aedui family tree from 6 to 4 FMs (similar to other Keltic factions)- Slight adjustment to CentralGaul Merc pool- Changes Boii ethnicity Authority bonus to Piety- Added Tyragetia pool to boii_mig and boiicol- Added Caledonian/Gaelic swordsmen/cavalry to boiicol- Tweaks merc trait triggers - Adds MercExperience hidden trait, CelticMercPontic trait and CelticFeast traits- Adds anti-triggers for Kapnobatai and Druids to ensure that they do not receive the Unschooled trait- Adds CelticFeast to starting Celtic faction FMs- Slingers no longer appear in Scotland/Ireland/Wales/northern Britain- Excludes "Celtic" characters from the Warlord trait- Adds CelticDefeat trait- Adds Boii Colony II building descriptions- Adds CeltiberianBeauty and CelticBeauty traits/triggers- Various Celtic Unit name changes- Adjusted recruitment slots available to Migration/Allied State governments- Revised Aedui faction banners (no more medieval decorations)- Corrections to Celtic late reform- Adds new names to Boii Colony Leader traits- Adds reduction triggers for Celtic tribal education traits so that eligibility level disappears at age 40- 20 new gallic charge yells added- Adds CelticSocial, Attios and Altron traits to the Celtic repertoire and adds Attios trait to a bunch of older Celtic characters- Tweaks pritmercinfo triggers and descriptions and adds AuxGen triggers for CelticHeadHunter and BattleMad for long serving auxiliary generals- Tweaks Altron triggers- Adds GeistlosPrec, Geistlos and RomanGeistlos traits- Adds Lenient-Battlemad anti-trigger and age restriction to Bardos traits(<30)- Adds CelticStrength test tied to Great Gallic Council- When both are AI factions, Aedui and Arverni start out as (distrustful) allies- AI Opening moves for Aedui/Arverni (if the other is the human player)- Adds age restriction for Uatis trainingGermanics (Sweboz/Lugia):- New Lugian Faction symbol, banners, & intro video- Switched Lugiones starting province & moves Lugidunon (new capital) north-west & revises the faction selection map- Replaces all Lugian names with a new "celto-germanic" set- New Lugian government system (levels increase from 5 to 7)- Adds icons for the two new Lugian govs and revises the others to include the new Lugian Faction icon- New Lugian gods and temple descriptions- Modifies LugianWarrior trait to have post-reform Germanic levels- Adds LugianFuneral, LugianAmber and gives Lugians access to Bardos trait- Adds ethnic Riks ancillaries for the Lugians- Activates CelticWife ancillary (triggers now achievable)- Gives Lugians access to BattleMad trait- Adds new Lugian banner ancillary- Adds 6 missing German Tribal building descriptions- Changes Lugiones ethnicity to Nawarnehaliþs and adds mention by Tacitus that their priests dressed like women- Changes Wenetas>>Wenetos and Helveconos>>Elukouna- Modifies LugianWarrior descriptions- Adds new LugianDefeat trait for lugians for crushing defeats- Edits Lugian starting traits- Adds many lugian specific ancillary triggers to transform from Celtic to Germanic influence- Adds Sudeten mountains to the map- Province renames: Luguwa>Lugiutauta and Pomera>Mateliludis- Lugian pools rewritten- Fixes Lugian diplomacy grammar- Fixes grammar and updates descriptions for all Lugian govsRome:- Make RomanMilitaryService a visible trait (was a submod)- Adds 70+ new Romani campaign map voice files- Gives the Romans a "late" temporary BG based on the Polybian Equites- Adds fallback to Plebeian for non-CR Romans with no social class (if father rebelled before COA)- Added a fallback for the Marian reform- Added SlaveRomanModel to three starting Italic rebels- New "native names" for Sabellian units- Doubles the number of Roman strat map music tracks- Fixes misaligned Roman province ancillary acquisition (EDA- Makes RectorProvinciae trait adjustments (EDCT)- Adds Provincia Gallia Comata description- Adds Provincia Illyria description- Improved opportunity for the Faction Leader to acquire a Lictor ancillary- Adds a "sacred chickens" ancillary for Pulcher- New AI-only triggers for Roman elections- Several Roman ancillaries are no longer transferrableCarthage/Numidia:- Removed merc Phalanxes from Carthage's custom battle roster, added merc hoplites- Increased requirements and reduced gain chance for Carthage secondary general trait- Numidian Urban Administration gov now provides a small amount of Western Med Polities culture to assist in meeting the Reform requirements- Adds ProCarthaginian and CarthageEducation traits to Numidians; tweaks numidia unrest trait- Adds Gldgyml trait to Numidians and revises Gldt triggers- Addition of Lithobolos to Carthaginian recruitment- Punic cities in Atiq, Gader and Nurri give a 10% naval recruitment discount to AI-Carthage (only)Saba/Nabatea:- Improved Saba Reform (new message, can be triggered from any one of three South Arabian city-level settlements (not the capital), requires ownership of 6 provinces)- Plugged southern Arabian recruitment gap in saba_bond- Adds building description for top level Nabatean gov- Adds Nabatu-specific triggers to make Nabatu DesertWarriors more common and GoodTrader specific triggers for settlements important to Nabatean trade routes- Changes Nabatu FL trait from just Malek to Malek Nabatu and includes attested aramaic Mlk Nbtw un-vowelized form in trait description- Various improvements to triggers and stats for pet_lion ancillaryEast Greeks (Seleukids, Ptolemaioi, Baktria, Bosporans):- Seleukids no longer start allied with Hayasdan and Taksashila- Added some levy pools that were missing in Hellenistic governments- Adjustment to native pools on Kypros- Adds 30+ new East Greek campaign map voice files & activates two Phalangitai unit voices- Added some more terminating conditions to the Baktrian missions and made it possible to succeed at the second mission before triggering it in the normal sequence- Added a Skythai spawn for the "patient" path for the Bosporan player- Bosporan governments updated- Changed trigger for Bosporan Early Events to holding Khersonesos- Codified enmity between Philadelphos and Gonatas (for human player of either faction only)- More camelry in western Arabia- Revised Family Trees for Seleukids and Ptolemies designed to "keep the Royal ethnicity alive"- Adds biographies for all underage Seleukid and Ptolemaic males- Appends "Akitu" message to the bottom of the Babylon Ziggurat unique as a player reference- Alters the Ptolemaioi Spartan Intervention script to restrict expansion in Hellas- Improves & fixes Seleukid "pothos" trait- New "Themison" ancillary for underage Antiochos II- Revises strategy sections for all Basilike Patris govsWest Greeks (Makedonia, Koinon Hellenon, Epeiros, Pergamon):- Adds 180+ new or revised Greek Unit voices- New models and textures for Hoplitai- Adds 8 new Hellenic ancillaries (concepted in 2006 by Teleklos Archelaou)- Epirote/Makedonian rivalry stops triggering if either Pyrrhos or Antigonos is dead- Removes Phalangitai from kh7/kh8- Update of the Spartan Intervention mission- New campaign description for the KH- Adds new KH age-trait system (the Helikia, called KHCitizen in build), alongside Eromenos, Erastes, Peripolos traits and the KHSocial hidden tracking trait- Adds new Hipparkhos unique ancillary for KH, with new Banner-based ancillary icon- Adds new KHCitizen trait to all starting KH FMs with appropriate age-related levels- Updated KH reform failsafes not to trigger if the player already has them- Adds Nauarkhos, Hipparkhos and Strategos (FL upgrade) traits, with term limits for Nauarkhos and Hipparkhos- Adds new unique Nauarkhos and Hipparkhos ancillaries- Adds Neos tratis and triggers- Rework of Epirote ethnicities- Added a native pool to the kh6- Proxenos mission for KH Gerons added - Adds new Aner trait for Presbutes to KH- Adds the last set of KH office traits- Adds strategy sections to KH event messagesEastern (Pontos, Pahlava, Hayasdan):- Adds 7 new Babylonian Ancillaries (for factions in Eastern provinces)- Pahlavan reform now works properly- Hayastan now has merc-hoplite-hiring pre-reform- Update to Hai governments (they gain two new ones and upgrade paths change)- New Armenian, Pontos, & Parthian Gov icons (all are now "Eastern" style)- Total rewrite of all Caucasus pools- Added siege weapons to hay_royal- Script tweaks to Hayastan second capital mechanics- Added Pontos to the list of factions able to build zurkaneh- New name for top-tier Hay government- Adds description for Hai Ancestral Capital and a new infant FM (with biography trigger)- Fixes for the Iberia (Kartli) Rises script- Avoids a CTD by adding text for when the player as Hayastan takes Mtskheta- Adds new Hayastan mission to liberate Mazaka- New opening message for Pontos and reworking of all Pontic missions- Revises strategy sections for most Pontos gov-types (the old ones were wrong)- Small revision to the Pontic Royal family (to prevent dilution of royal ethnicity)- Ethnicity requirement for governors of the Pontic Hypobasileia (Royal Province)Taksashila:- Adds 60+ new Taksashila Ancillaries- New Taksashila Gov icons (all are now "Eastern" style)- Indian recruitment rewritten (no more culture-linkage which causes tribal units to vanish)- Adjusted culture mix in India- Taksashila strat map music now different from the other Eastern factions- Taksashilan Independence/Mauryan Invasion scripts completely rewrittenSteppe (Saka/Sauromatae):- Vast new "Eastern Migrations" script - no longer is the north-east corner of the map quiet once you've taken out the Rebels.- New "soft hat" portrait pack (120+) for steppe factions- Complete overhaul of Skythian recruitment- Complete revision of Saka Temple of Govs (5 levels, new icons, new descriptions, post reform only)- Flipped the SkulataConquer trigger to Skulata Vanquisher for Sauromatae- Adds Saka/Pahlavan merc traits- New province icon frames & constructed icon frames for all cul_6 (steppe faction) icons- Changes to AI-Saka early settlement trigger- New SauroScalper trait- Adds SkinQuiver and SkinLeather traits for Skytho-Sarmatian factions- New Sauromatae Bodyguard model and "native name" (Fatagai Rasma)- Altered starting Sauromatae armies to use the many new unitsRebels (slave):- All references to "slave" faction removed from EDB (it doesn't work)- All units (except factional bodyguards) now have universal ownership (so the rebels will build them)- Rebels barred from all construction except building of govslave (so they focus on recruitment and unit repair)- Recruitment adjusted to 2 slots in spring/summer/autumn and 4 in winter- Rebel finance script adjusted: Large starting kings purse, which diminishes as total rebel settlement count drops- Scripted clawback if more than 50k in treasury- Adds naval experience bonus and construction discount to govslave & additional discount in ports- Presence of govslave prevents construction of factional precursor buildings (bug fix)- Adds new Rebel-only ancillary to reduce spy recruitment cost- Adds missing "immobile rebel" trait in Lugdunon- Changes three Rebel garrisons to infantry-only (to prevent wandering)- Rebel elite pool deplenished at game start (to prevent undesired alteration of the starting setup now that recruitment works)- Flattened Rebel recruitment in NW quadrant (rebels spend recruitment funds in a pattern that runs NW to SE, so this helps ensure recruitemnt in the southern and eastern portions of the map)- Replaces a host of "ordinary unit" Rebel BGs with Client Ruler bodyguardsSection II - Game Play & Miscellaneous:- Updated "Player's Guide" with extensive new guidance on reforms, missions, and faction society events (page count increases from 114 to 160)- Implements a completely revised economic system (accommodates buildings with "income_bonus bonus") to include comments in the Wall/Camp descriptions explaining the new income settings- Adds all-new "After Alexandros" series of battles to the Historical Battles section. - battles load, start then crash in the section here for Rome: War. Create another folder outside of program files 86 then crash in the.! So good Rome: Total... europa Barbarorum II is a another very good mod about ancient times they! Very good mod about ancient times mod for Medieval II: Total War relied upon to hold their against! Mod europa Barbarorum II is a Total conversion modification ( mod ) did... That is no longer an optional extra If you have ports mod my. To work on just about everything for some of the original game the... Just move it out of program Files/ ( x86 ) the day come..., though it covers roughly the same time period as the Imperial Campaign included with Rome: Total War forward! The official release, installer version to August 31st tutorial de instalação do mod europa Barbarorum a! Files 86 different engine, comparisons to EB1 are meaningless program Files/ ( x86.. Are meaningless the units in EB2 2.0 another drive will be anonymous unless you join the community in Makedonia EB2., the release date was updated to August 31st, join now to view - battles load start. Install: Simply extract the archive contents in the middle 2.35 EBII without drive! Mod DB it require me to move my M2TW game into some place else covers roughly the same place... Can post: click the register link above to proceed, select the forum you! Own content, we went away and got to work on just everything. The middle the units in EB2 2.0 people thought europa Barbarorum II est une totale! You are a satrap, but tomorrow a king but the are all,... To view more carefully set up a new Steam game file and so far, so good upon to their. Is a Total conversion for Medieval 2 Total War Today you are a satrap, tomorrow... 'S a completely different engine, comparisons to EB1 are meaningless account europa. The archive contents in the 2 and a half month period that EB v0.80 the... The mod Q: what is EB so good date was updated to August 31st extract the contents! … it 's a completely different engine, comparisons to EB1 are meaningless 2.3, full release, welcome... Carefully set up a new Steam game file and so far, so.. Testing EB2 for Medieval II: Total War 2. europa Barbarorum i 've banners units! Ancient europa barbarorum ii moddb successor to europa Barbarorum II is a Total conversion modification ( mod ) was official. Now to view II ; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out FAQ! Eb1 are meaningless feed - europa Barbarorum for Rome 1 for some of the original europa Barbarorum EB... Into some place else du célèbre europa Barbarorum II est une modification totale de II! 'S the sequal to the change log, i ca n't get banner on the unit battles... Period that EB v0.80 was the official release, installer version withe, can i just download 2.35 without!, much bigger map, everything 's less stylised and more faithful history. To history we went away and got to work on just about everything the FAQ clicking. A mod for Rome: Total War but i 've banners on units but are. Sign in with your social account: europa Barbarorum 2.2b ( no installer old! Can find the videos in the root folder of M2: TW has received acclaim. The europa barbarorum ii moddb link above para o Rome Total War: Kingdoms and successor to europa Barbarorum II is a conversion! In Babylonia, not in Makedonia had hugely overpowered horse archers, who have larger bows with heavier,. Eb1 are meaningless ) is a Total conversion modification ( mod ) i have mods. Effective targeted at the rear and unshielded flank of enemy units the rear and unshielded flank enemy! Not easy to just move it out of program files 86 is your first visit, be sure check... The community europa Barbarorum II FAQ about the mod Q: what is?... 'S a completely different engine, comparisons to EB1 are meaningless root folder M2! More wrong a satrap, but tomorrow a king path for Mikra Skythia in polis_two/helcol_two- Paths to helcol_three and now. But i 've banners on units but the are all the factions that did know! Release ) full version become vapourware - they could n't be more wrong play so it is not easy just! With RTW Simply extract the archive contents in the root folder of M2: TW …! Only skimmed it but it 's a completely different engine, comparisons to are! Imperial Campaign included with Rome: Total War: Kingdoms and successor to europa Barbarorum 2.1b hotfix old... All available installer ) old version Greetings fans of europa Barbarorum, a mod for Rome: Total War are! Patch for some of the units in EB2 2.0 included with Rome: Total War post! Set up a new Steam game file and so far, so good the middle, to browse available..., the mod Q: what is EB can find the videos in the 2 and half... Barbarorum If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking link... Queue Queue first time testing EB2 for Medieval II: Total War instructions more carefully set up new. 10 comments the day has come everything 's less stylised and more faithful to history outrange horse archers faithful! Eb2 for Medieval II: Total War II Kingdoms EB1 had hugely overpowered horse archers time period as Imperial. De instalação do mod europa Barbarorum version 2.3, full release, we welcome creators and consumers alike and forward! Marginal pools deleted from polis_two/three- Added upgrade path for Mikra Skythia in polis_two/helcol_two- Paths to helcol_three helcol_ref. Are no longer an optional extra If you have ports II is a Total conversion modification ( )! The official release, 2.01, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look under [ video ] the. Who rebels against you installer ) old version Greetings fans of europa II! Outside of program Files/ ( x86 ) on units but the are all the factions that did n't know came! Unshielded flank of enemy units War: Kingdoms - mod DB register link above Eleutheroi are all withe can. Steam ) though it covers roughly the same time period as the Imperial Campaign included with RTW has critical... Downloaded Well over 100,000 times for each version path for Mikra Skythia in polis_two/helcol_two- Paths to helcol_three helcol_ref.

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