Defining the essential components of physical education raises awareness for the critical policies and practices that guide school districts and schools in addressing stu-dents’ education needs. Physical Education . Cardiovascular Fitness: The ability of the circulatory system (heart and blood vessels) to supply oxygen to working muscles during exercise.. Hand-eye coordination is improved, as well as good body movements, which helps in the development of a healthy body posture. In this article we look at some of the components of physical health and how we can support our health by promoting balance. 3 years ago. Quiz not found! Balanced Emotional life: Wellness requires a balanced emotional life and release of emotions. Development of mental health: It affects how think, feel and act and sometimes it determines how handle the stressful situation especially in the field of physical education so it developed only through a healthy lifestyle. It mainly improves the range of motion of the joints and muscles. Strength: Fitness: The definition of physical fitness might vary by individual but most experts agree that there are five basic components of physical fitness which involve your heart, lungs, strength, endurance, and agility or flexibility. There are five basic components of physical fitness. To do this, programs must be guided by current research, thinking, and philosophy. 10 Components of Fitness: Unleash your full potential! Physical Ed. One of the unique characteristics of physical education is that it is informed by many other disciplines. It refers to the proportion of the fat component of the body versus its lean mass. Same as Music, Gym and Math, this is a required course in primary and secondary school. Edit. Body Composition: The relative percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass (muscle, bone, water,etc) Components of Physical Education-----Health-related physical fitness components – helps to keep you healthy. by Myrthe Wieler. There are many benefits of flexibility training. Menu. 1. COMPONENTS OF PHYSICAL FITNESS . Muscular Strength. 2. See more ideas about health and physical education, physical education, physics. Life style relating to physical health, mental health, social health and emotionally balanced life. There is unanimous agreement in the fitness community that these are the five components of physical fitness though the definition of what level of fitness needs to be achieved is a personal on. The role of discipline is often undersold when people talk about physical education. What are the component of physical education - 2201794 Answer: 1. Cardiovascular fitness – allows the body to exercise for long periods of time. Physical Fitness: Physical fitness refers to the series of tests that measure the individual’s fitness level.There are two ways in which the physical capability and fitness of the body can be gauged: skill – related components and health – related components. Pilates , yoga And gymnastics help promote this particular fitness component. 10 Qs . Purchase our Set of 12 Components of Physical Fitness Poster to help improve understanding and reinforce learning. All these fitness components have a specific purpose and part in being physically fit and healthy. Other schools have eliminated or shortened their requirements for physical education to raise the test scores of students by spending less time in the gymnasium and more time in the classroom. Identify and review guidance and resources available to promote the four essential components of effective physical education. 1. Understand physical education in the context of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model and a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP). Sportsmanship is another function of physical education, as is discipline. Physical education is the foundation of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program. Physical education class teaches kids how to live long lasting healthy lifestyles through individualized physical activity, game and sport. For better understanding, a complete understanding of the components of physical activities can help one achieve total fitness and improve the working of your whole body. 2.8k plays . As a PE teacher myself, my main goal is to teach my students how to stay healthy for a lifetime. Save. Physical fitness and wellness is far more attainable than commonly perceived. 5 Components of Physical Fitness DRAFT. Health Related components: Those factors that are related to how well the systems of your body work . Benefits of Flexibility in Physical Education . It also improves our growth and development. Muscular endurance – using your muscles many times without tiring Physical education teachers must make sure that students receive a quality physical education experience that results in student learning. The Components of Physical Fitness The Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment is given annually to all students in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Health and Nutrition Physical education teaches students the importance of physical health.